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iGIS enables users to load, view, investigate, create and export their own data over a background of Google maps satellite imagery. Importing data can be done via the USB cable or wirelessly on your Mac, PC and Linux. Raster data in many formats (pre-processing required) and ESRI Shapefiles (.shp) are supported. Spatial data is stored on the iPhone, so there’s no need for an Internet connection to see your data – great for field work.


GISRoam is an easy to use and powerful mobile GIS app that enables Shapefile viewing, editing, colorization, and collection over user loaded imagery. With GISRoam you can now go where no 3G or Wi-Fi network exists since the vector and raster data can be pre-load onto the iPad/iPhone before you head out and updated when you return.


ArcGIS on the iPhone enable access to ESRI's online GIS including online maps you've created yourself. Tap on the map or use your current location and discover information about what you see. You can query the map, search and find interesting information, measure distances and areas of interest and share maps with others. Requires connection so not ideal for fieldwork.


This program makes it possible to display and register geotagged points and images with attributes. It uses a web-service to store data online. A special tool is provideded for synchronizing your home GIS data with the Web service. It is an easy way to distribute geotagged data online to many users, and it is a cheap and userfriendly way to collect geotagged information.

Terrapad Pro

Terrapad is a Mobile Geographic Information Manager. Terrapad gives you the flexibility to enter, query, modify and export your geographic data, all from within your iDevice. Driven by a powerful database engine, a unique and simple user interface, and flexible extensions, Terrapad can meet your most demanding needs.

Site Survey

An advanced measuring tool using your iPhone camera. A handy alternative to the laser distance meter. Site Survey can accurately measure distances up to 30 metres - 100 feet. All you need is your iPhone and a standard size sheet of paper - A4, A3, Letter or Ledger. Fantastic for finding out the height of a tree or hedge, the area of a room, height of a building or the size of a garden plot.


View, edit, and share your DWG files with anyone, anywhere. AutoCAD WS mobile app enables you to work with AutoCAD drawings directly on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. Accurately annotate and revise drawings while you are on location in the field, in meetings, or out of the office.
Work with local versions of your designs when you don’t have an Internet connection, and easily open DWG and DXF files you receive as email attachments directly on your device.